When: 06/30/2003

For all the young folks out there that weren't old enough to really wrap your heads around the O.J. case, the Kobe rape trial has been your biggest sports case to date. A clean-cut Kobe Bryant was charged with sexually assaulting a 19-year-old hotel employee in the summer of 2003 in Eagle, CO. Bryant admitted to having sex, but that it was consensual and he never assaulted the alleged victim. Evidence from the case showed that the victim showed up to her rape kit with underwear containing pubic hair and seamen from another man, but there was also DNA evidence of the victim's blood on Bryant's shirt that corroborated a struggle. The charges were dismissed because the accuser was unwilling to testify and the prosecutors case wasn't strong enough without it, but a civil case was also brought to Kobe by the accuser that he settled out of court.

Verdict: Oh, you thought we were going there? Think again. Whether adultery or rape, this is incident was definitely Mr. Bryant's most jackass moment of his career and forever changed his public persona.