When: May 2010

This one had the blogs going crazy back in the 2010 playoffs. Rumors surfaced that then-Cavs guard Delonte West was banging none other than teammate LeBron James' mom, Gloria James. Bombastic? Sure. Incredibly controversial? Without a doubt. Impossible? Not so much. West doesn't really lead a life where things like this are unfathomable and Gloria being spotted with younger men. Plenty of gossip sites referenced this rumor as the reason why LeBron was so off during Game 5 of the 2010 Boston series.

Verdict: As much as LeBron haters wanted this story to be true, if asked if Delonte West actively carried on a relationship of sexual nature with Gloria James, any rational thinking person would have to say, "no." People like Calvin Murphy felt LeBron had to be off of his game for some reason, and this story seemed to stick because it made his failures make sense. The NBA, where amazingly ratchet rumors happen.