We didn't think it could get much worse, after Tyga crashed his Lamborghini Aventador, which is valued near $400,000. We were wrong. Tyga was pulled over last night by the Los Angeles Police Department for a traffic violation. When asked to produce his license and registration, he couldn't. He, apparently, doesn't even have a license, and the car isn't registered. We found this to be kind of odd, considering there was probably a police report for his accident. Did they figure that out then? Did he just ignore it anyway?

The cops did not write him up for this, nor did they arrest him for a DUI, after giving him a sobriety test, but they did decide to take the white supercar with them to the impound. He vented in a tweet saying, "FuckLAPD." He probably just went home and drove one of his other white whips

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[via TMZ]