Sport: Football
Charges: investigation of cultivation of marijuana and possession of narcotics, sexual assault, suspicion of heroin possession, skateboarding in a prohibited zone & possession of meth and syringes, probation violation, possession of a controlled substance, unauthorized possession of a hypodermic needle & resisting a police officer, probation violation
Number Of Arrests: 10

Marinovich was supposed to be a star, at least that's what his dad thought. His father bred him for football glory at an early age, earning Todd the nickname, "Robo QB." Welp, we're guessing things didn't work out. Todd couldn't handle the pressure of his father's and everyone else's expectations, so he did like any normal person and started doing hard drugs. He lasted only two seasons in the NFL because of three failed drug tests. All of his arrests stemmed from his drug use. Take note parents. This could be your kid if you're not careful.