Sport: Racing
Charges: Check fraud, theft, child endangerment, failure to pay child support, felony eluding
Number Of Arrests: 5

Salt Walther was one of eight boat racers to successfully cross over to cars. His father owned a steel foundry and bought him the best racing cars money could buy in the '70s, but Salt never capitalized. After an accident in 1973 left him with burns on 40 percent of his body, Walther became addicted to pain killers. While serving 100 days for failing to pay child support in '98, he tried to sneak three Tylonel III pills into his cell. A couple years later he violated probation and had to do time again. In 2007, he failed to pay child support once again and went on the run of sorts. He evaded from police when he was spotted at a local gas station, and was sentenced to three years after it was all said and done.