Everybody has been saying it recently: Subaru is the company Saab always wanted to be: fun, reliable, and different. While this got Saab purchased by GM and destroyed, Subaru has just been gaining more and more market share. 

Now, in order to play to Subaru's environmentally friendly fan base, the company is (finally) dropping a hybrid based on the XV Crosstrek at the New York Auto Show. We know very little about this car so far, but I would wager that the underlying hybrid system is sourced from ally and part owner Toyota.

Subaru has also announced that it will bring a "performance concept" to the show, which we can only imagine will be the new WRX. It might be something else, but that would be a very ballsy and unexpected move from this usually conservative automaker. We hope that the Viziv concept's design language carries over here as we were told it would.

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[via Subaru