Subaru's are built for living. We know, we've used one to slay a Nor'easter and to get active in the Outer Banks. The Japanese automaker excels at reliable, AWD vehicles that allow drivers to enjoy life without any undue swagger. 

Things, however, are about to change (at least a little). In Geneva, Subaru has unveiled the Viziv Crossover Concept. With its radical styling, the car signals the future of Subaru aesthetics. It also marks a turn away from, replacing it with a hybrid setup of a diesel engine (powering the front wheels) and two independent electric motors (driving the rear Axel). This allows for a lighter curb weight and lowered floor (more legroom!!).

Don't mistake the advances for a major shift in Subaru's demographic interest. The interior remains clean and functional, a great brand trait, and the exterior keeps some classic Subaru elements—a hexagonal front grille, for instance.

With some radical restructuring it looks like Subaru wants to shed some of its conservatism, without taking away from its stature as a well-design complement to any lifestyle. What are your thoughts?

[via Motor Authority]