Could the once mighty Lincoln Navigator regain back its hip-hop status symbol place?

Given the nostalgic tinge of current rap styling (the '90s sound of Pro Era, dudes in jerseys, and Master P performing at SXSW), you'd think the next trend in rapper car buying might be recycling former favorites.

Guess what? It's possible. And, possible without suffering the indignity of decades old gas mileage. Lincoln Motor Company, for all its re-branding, remains (unexpectedly) in the lineup. Questions remain as to whether it will downsize—moving to a Ford Explorer body to fit into consumer demands for 3-row crossovers and deading the V8 engine in favor of a more efficient EcoBoost V6. The SUV will still have big luxury all over it, and perhaps enough vintage swagger to capture the attention of recently signed MCs with found memories of 2001. We've already predicted it...especially if the 2014 model looks sweet.

[via Car & Driver]