Kemba Walker isn't afraid to admit it: He sweats like a beast. That's just the price you pay for training the hardest to become the best of the best. But just because you perspire doesn't mean you should stay drenched all day. That's where Under Armour comes in. Almost 20 years ago, UA changed the game of athletic wear with a new T-shirt created from a sweat-wicking, fast-drying synthetic. But what if they could do the same thing, only now with an all-natural fabric? What if they could make regular cotton work just as hard, without losing that super-soft cotton feel?

Well, the "what if" has become the what is. The new UA Charged Cotton® maintains the comfort of America's favorite fabric, but dries off in a fraction of the time. Thanks to the UA Signature Moisture Transport System, sweat is pushed away from your body to the surface of your gear so it evaporates faster. Its 4-way stretch fabrication lets the shirt stretch both laterally and vertically, which allows for greater mobility and further accelerated dry time. Plus, its durable construction and rugged ribbed collar help the shirt maintain its shape. All of this amounts to the ideal gear for Kemba to keep his body dry and his performance above the rim.