For all athletes, perfection is that ultimate, yet nearly unattainable, goal. In Major League Baseball, there have only been a select few pitchers throughout history (23, officially speaking) who have been able to attain a perfect game—27 batters up, 27 batters down. In celebration of these few individuals, MLB 2K13, which hits stores today, is launching its Perfect Game Challenge. The Top 30 Perfect Game Winners will each receive $25,000, and the top 4 will get a chance to go to New York during All Star week and compete for a Grand Prize of $250,000. For more on the Perfect Game Challenge, be sure to visit here, and to order your copy of click here.

And in honor of a few of these men who have tasted perfection, here are 5 awesome GIFs that feature perfect game victories.

Felix Hernandez:

The Seattle right-hander threw a perfect game—the most recent in baseball history—against the Devil Rays last August. Needless to say, there were a few fun GIFs that popped up after this one:

Phil Humber:

Phil Humber's perfect game on April 21, 2012 was only the 18th no-hitter in White Sox history. Here is a GIF of Phil and his teammates immediately after the game ended, which may or may not include proof of Alexei Ramirez trying to murder Humber.

Matt Cain:

Thanks in no small part to an amazing diving catch from Gregor Blanco in the 7th inning, Matt Cain pulled off a 125 pitch perfect game against the Astros on June 13th, 2012. A game-winning GIF from the vantage point of that great eye in the sky.

Roy Halladay:

"At that moment, it was as if Carlos and I were the only two men on Earth." - Roy Halladay, May 29th, 2010 (Note: Quote may be entirely fabricated.)

Randy Johnson:

On May 24th, 2004, The Big Unit became the oldest pitcher to throw a perfect game (at age 40). It was the 17th perfect game in MLB history, and Johnson humbly pointed the sky to thank God for making him so enormous.