A Southern California native, White overcame some serious health ailments as a child before becoming an iconic boarder on both the street and the snow. His meteoric rise was aided by his mentor, Tony Hawk, who first met White at a skate park when he was just nine years old. After fostering his riding for the next 8 years, Hawk assisted White as he transformed from novice to pro. Now the winner of multiple championships, as well as several Olympic fold medals, White is also the first person to have competed in both the summer and winter X Games in different sports. Off the slopes and outside the half-pipe, White has been an absolute wiz when it comes to endorsements. He has partnered with a staggering number of sponsors, both those in the skating world as well as more widely known household brands. His dual mastery of snowboarding and skateboarding has also been reflected in the two different widely popular video games that feature his name.