In reality, this guy is no jackass—at least not when it comes to diversifying his brand. Brandon "Bam" Margera starting laying the groundwork for his celebrity by producing the CKY video series, which featured him and his boys performing skate tricks and other stunts. The series caught the attention of the creators of MTV's Jackass, who hired Margera as a main member of the show's cast. The show was a pop culture phenomenon that later spawned three films.

After rising to prominence in the entertainment zeitgeist, Bam also began skating on a pro level, and was part of Element Skateboards' Team Element. Cashing in on his dual levels of fame, Margera later spun off his own MTV show, Viva le Bam. His other professional ventures have included his own satellite radio show, appearances in multiple skate-themed video games, his own record label, and even projects in independent film.