Every year since he became President of the United States, Barack Obama has filled out an NCAA Tournament bracket. And, just about every year, he's gone "all chalk" on his picks. We don't blame him for doing it—after all, we're sure he's got better things to do than pick upsets in a college basketball bracket—but it has made ESPN's "Baracketology" segments a little stale in recent years. So, this year, he spiced things up. Well, a little.

Although President Obama's bracket doesn't feature, like, Montana or South Dakota State in the Final Four, it does feature something other than four No. 1 seeds. The Commander-in-Chief picked Louisville, Indiana, Ohio State, and Florida to make it to the Final Four. Check out the video below to see the President breaking down his picks and revealing who he thinks will win it all this year. Not a bad bracket.

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[via ESPN]