Mark Cuban may come across as a big bully when he's sitting courtside at Mavericks games and yelling at NBA referees. But, the truth is that, deep down, he's a pretty nice guy. Case in point: The Bulls were involved in a scary incident on their team plane last Saturday night shortly after they took off to head to Indianapolis to play the Pacers. One of the engines on their plane backfired, and they were forced to turn around so that repairs could be made on plane. But, it didn't sidetrack their plans. They borrowed the Blackhawks team plane the following day to go to Indy. And then, Cuban lent the Bulls the Mavericks team plane later in the week so that they could make a trip to San Antonio to play the Spurs:

Nice, indeed. We're glad that this all worked out and that everyone on the Bulls roster is okay after the scary incident. And, we're also happy to be posting a story about Mark Cuban that doesn't involve him getting fined. It's kind of nice, Mark. You should try doing stuff like this a little more often.

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[via ESPN Chicago]