Charles Barkley doesn't think the Thunder are good enough to beat the Heat and win an NBA title this season. He said so the other night on TNT. But, Kevin Durant doesn't seem to care what Chuck thinks. After Oklahoma City knocked off the Knicks last night, he was asked about what Barkley had said about the Thunder—and he revealed that he doesn't give a damn about Barkley's opinion.

"I don't listen to that guy," he said. "He said that last year. He said we wouldn't make it to the Finals—that we were a bunch of jump shooters. But, we're shooting 48 percent as a team. We don't shoot all 3s and jumpers. We get in the paint. We can do it all. So, of course he's gonna say that. You respect sometimes what he says, he's a funny guy. But, we don't listen to him."

Cool. But, wait, if you don't listen to him, then how do you know what he said last ye…oh, nevermind. We get it. Now, go get back to work.

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[via Star-Ledger]