Earlier this week, a man from Michigan was driving home from work when he hit a deer. Sucks to be him, right? Nope! Rather than get pissed off at the deer, he got out of his car, thought, "Mmmm, dinner," and loaded the deer into his trunk to take home to his family. Only one problem: The deer wasn't actually dead; it was simply stunned from the impact of the accident. And, that resulted in the bizarre video that you see above.

The clip features a public safety officer checking on the driver's car a short time later after someone reported a suspicious car parked near a motel in Kalamazoo, Mich. Someone must have heard something rattling around in the car's trunk and called the cops. And, when they arrived and opened it, the frazzled deer jumped out, stumbled around on the ground for a few seconds, and then darted off into some nearby woods.

What a strange turn of events. Next time, we bet the guy thinks twice before he stuffs "dinner" into his trunk.

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[via ABC]