According to the Miami Herald, Mark Duper was arrested for beating up his 17-year-old son on Tuesday night. The Herald is reporting that Mark approached his teenage boy while the young'n was playing video games over a threatening text message his son sent to a girlfriend. After Duper's kid repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, the former NFL player demanded that his son pick up his hat and when he didn't, Mark punched and body slammed him a couple times. During this smackdown, it is believed that the 17-year-old was knocked out at one point. 

Then, according to the Times-Union, Duper demanded that his son leave the home and the boy complied. However, when the 17-year-old returned for a jacket, he also thew his bicycle into his father's car and obviously, this incident led to another fight which also involved Duper choking his own son. WTF?! 

On Wednesday, Duper was arrested when the teenager was found with injuries to his body. The former NFL player was eventually released on $5,000 bail.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]