Believe it or not, Duke haters, the Blue Devils don't win the NCAA Tournament every year. It may feel like they do, thanks to all the love they get from their supporters, but there have actually been more than a few disappointing finishes to Duke seasons.

To illustrate this point, Slate caught up with a bunch of former college hoops stars who helped knock Duke out of the tourney in the past. From West Virginia guard Joe Mazzulla and Arkansas guard Scotty Thurman to Villanova guard Scottie Reynolds and Florida forward Matt Bonner, they found players from a bunch of different eras to talk about what it was like to knock Duke off their throne. And, there's a common theme.

"I remember probably more so than any game in my college career," Bonner says, "our team was just really revved up, amped up, excited, pumped up for that game."

Check out what the players had to say about beating the Blue Devils over here.

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[via Slate]