And, the dismantling of the Baltimore Ravens continues. So far, the Ravens have lost Paul Kruger to the Cleveland Browns, Dannell Ellerbe to the Miami Dolphins, Cary Williams to the Philadelphia Eagles and Anquan Boldin to the San Francisco 49ers. Now, one of the stalwarts of the Baltimore defense, Ed Reed, is reportedly going to the Houston Texans.

Even though Reed was seeking a salary similar to the $7.2 million he received last season, it's being reported that the contract may be a 3-year deal in the range of $4 million per year. Not quite the deal he was looking for, but Reed will find himself on a championship-caliber team next season and that may be near the top of his list of desired qualities in a franchise. If this deal does go down, what defense is left of the returning Super Bowl champion Ravens?

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[via ESPN]