When: 9/14/2011

For all of the folks out there looking to call Ronaldo out for being arrogant this was truly the moment to get some licks in. Following a Champions League match against Dinamo Zagreb of Croatia in September 2011, Ronaldo went on a bit of a rant in his post-match interview. Apparently, he had been the subject of a little verbal abuse from the home support during the match. Well, Ronaldo attempted to explain why he thought all that hate was coming his way. Something about people being envious of how rich he is, and how handsome he is, and how much of a great player he is overall. Chill, CR. Being one of the best players on the planet comes with the price of many haters. We liken this to when LeBron went on his 'I got it better than ya'll anyway rant,' shortly after losing to the Mavs in the 2010-2011 NBA Finals.