When: 5/22/2004

England's FA Cup is the oldest association football competition in the world. It's an opportunity for the lowest of England's footballing divisions to go up against the big boys on the block. Many English players have gone on record to say it's the one trophy they grew up coveting most as young footballers. Cristiano Ronaldo probably never heard of the damn thing prior to his England move—doesn't mean he wasn't filthy in it. Who's the most successful club in the competition? Need we really answer that? Manchester United has won it 11 times, and in 2004 they did it with the aid of one Cristiano Ronaldo. This was CR's first piece of silverware with the Red Devils, and in typical Ronaldo fashion, he scored the daggar in a 3-0 romping of Millwall. This would be the first in an ever-increasing cabinet of treasures for the mighty man from Madeira.