When: 1/12/2009

Even if you don't follow soccer you know what it means to win any type of best player of the year award. Call it the MVP, or the Hart Memorial Trophy for you hockey buffs, but just know that it's the sport's highest honor. Such was the case for Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009 when he was crowned FIFA World Player of the Year for his 2008 achievements. You know, winning the Champions League, becoming captain of his national team, and taking home the EPL crown with Manchester United for whom he netted 42 times? Just another day at the office, right? Did we mention he was the first Premier League player to ever win the honor?

Winning the Player of the Year award would be enough for any player just once in his career, but not everyone is Cristiano Ronaldo. CR bagged his first (and only to date) Ballon d'Or award as well that night. The award is given to the best footballer in the world, as judged by a group of international sports journalists. He finished 165 points ahead of, who else, Lionel Messi. Messi would extract revenge in years to come, but on this night it was all about Cristiano.