Andrew Bynum doesn't have very many people in his corner right now. The Sixers aren't real happy with him, because he's been unable to play this entire season due to a knee injury. NBA fans aren't really happy with him, because he hasn't been the superstar that they were promised when he first came into the league. And, as it turns out, not even people at his old high school St. Joseph of Metuchen, N.J. are real happy with him. During a recent interview, his former high school athletic director Jerry Smith even went as far as to say that the entire school has stopped talking about him in recent years.

"Everyone here at school says the same thing: What's wrong with him?" he said. "Why does he act like that? He went from someone we're proud of to someone whose name we don't even mention anymore."

His high school coach also came out and said that, while he likes Bynum, he refuses to defend him whenever the media reaches out to him.

"I never respond to that kind of request," former St. Joe's coach Mark Taylor said, "because Andrew has chosen not to stay in touch for whatever reason, so I just don't get involved with it."

Ouch. In the middle of a contract year, this is not what Bynum needs. It'll be hard enough for him to get a good contract with his health issues. If you throw character issues into the mix, too, well, let's just say he's not going to get the contract he wants. He might want to give his old coach a call. Just a thought.

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[via Star-Ledger]