Newborn babies go through a lot of diapers every day. I have absolutely no first-hand knowledge of this. But, I just punched "how many diapers does a newborn use?" into Google and my reaction was "WOW!!! WTF???" I mean, 8 diapers a day? 10 diapers a day? 12 diapers a day? What are you guys feeding your kids?!

Anyway, it's pretty clear that diaper bills can add up pretty quickly and leave new parents rummaging through the couch cushions to try and come up with diaper money. Patriots cornerback Kyle Arrington may not need to worry about that, though. He has a newborn baby. But, his new teammate Adrian Wilson—who signed with New England recently after spending more than a decade with the Cardinals—just made Arrington an interesting proposal. He wants the jersey number 24 that Arrington currently wears, and he's willing to give him a year's worth of diapers for it.

"I told [Arrington] I know he just had a baby and I know he signed a new contract, but I'm offering a year's supply of Pampers," he told reporters yesterday. "Hopefully, he gets back to me."

So, what do we think? Or, better yet, if you've got a newborn, what do you think? Is a jersey number worth a year's supply of diapers? Or, should Arrington make Wilson throw in some baby powder and a couple of high chairs, too?

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[via CBS Sports]