NBA Championship(s): Milwaukee Bucks (1971)
NCAA Championship(s): UCLA Bruins (1967, 1968)

It sure must've been nice to have Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as a teammate. In fact, we're hoping that Lucius Allen gave Abdul-Jabbar a "Thank You" card, a couple free meals, something. From his time with UCLA to his playing days with the Bucks, Allen stood back and let Kareem cook on a nightly basis and dude simply reaped the rewards, which included two NCAA championships and one NBA title. Then, when Lucius moved onto the Lakers in 1974, the man formerly known as Lew Alcindor followed suit in 1975. Unfortunately, they were never able to capture a chip together LA LA Land, but after Allen's playing days were done in 1979, Abdul-Jabbar went on to capture five more titles. Man, dude must've been kicking himself for not sticking around a little while longer.