Every single team in the NBA has one—a complete scrub sitting at the end of the bench who never gets into any games and gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to…well, we don't know exactly what that guy gets paid to do. In theory, he's in the NBA so he must be good enough to play in the league. But, it's hard enough for the 10th best player on an NBA team to get a little PT, let alone the 14th or 15th guy. So, that scrub basically gets paid to fill a roster spot and, more importantly, a spot on the end of the bench during games.

But, what does that guy do when he's not chilling in his warmups? Run errands for Kevin Durant? Play pickup games at the Y and destroy 14-year-olds on the court? Send rapid-fire tweets to @Scalabrine to find out how he managed to turn being a scrub into a legitimate career? As it turns, a little bit of all that…plus so much more. Just check out A Day in the Life of an NBA Scrub...

This feature appears in Complex's April/May 2013 issue.

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