Year Introduced: 1995
Number Produced: 349
Sticker Price: $480,000-$550,000
Engine: 4.7L V12
Power: 513 hp
Torque: 347 lb-ft
Signature Feature: The engine was taken from the 333 SP race car and built on F1 architecture.

The F40 was a fantastic way for Ferrari to celebrate its 40th anniversary and an amazing car for the agin founder, Enzo Ferrari, to have unveiled. However,  by 1995, on the company's 50th anniversary, technology had marched on, and a new hypercar was needed. The F50 was more extroverted than either of its successors, given its convertible body style and slightly more flamboyant styling, but it was no less capable. It was the first special series to house a V12 engine.