Moto GP is the world championship of road racing for motorcycles. Starting in 1949, Grand Prix racing has had many evolutions and incarnations: from the early days when the extremely dangerous Isle of Mann TT was on the circuit, to the 1970s American invasion of rear tire sliding headed by California rider Kenny Roberts, to the modern 4-stroke era of today. The sport which once only raced in Europe, now has Grand Prixs all over the globe with millions of worldwide fans, yet it is still relatively obscure to the general U.S. public. With three U.S. Grand Prix races on the 2013 calendar, this is sure to change. 

The Moto GP regular season kicks off April 7th under the lights at the Losail Circuit in Qatar (the circuit’s only night race). As of now, U.S. viewers will be left in the dark, because Dorna, the company that owns Moto GP has not reached a contract with any U.S. television stations. Nevertheless, no television coverage could ever surpass the access one gets from's video pass, all-access option online. You get commentary, you get paddock girls, and you get special indicators. Let us further explain with these 10 Reasons to Subscribe to