"Hate Me Now" is probably always on repeat in the Yankees offices. Seriously. They could be one of sports' most hated franchises, but as long as they have those 27 World Series Championships, the fans, and the revenue, the Bronx Bombers are just fine. They've embraced the haters, and dang it, if baseball's going to have an Evil Empire, it's going to be just them. They'll sue if someone tries to prove other wise.

This is literally speaking of course. According to a Wall Street Journal article, a private entrepreneur known as Evil Enterprises, Inc. tried to trademark the phrase "Baseballs Evil Empire." The Yanks said FOH and objected to the action, saying that articles and the baseball world itself have already referred to them as the Evil Empire.

The judges verdict: "In short, the record shows that there is only one Evil Empire in baseball and it is the New York Yankees. Accordingly, we find that [the Yankees] have a protectable trademark right in the term...as used in connection with baseball." 

Yep, the Yanks won. *cue the soundtrack*

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[via Wall Street Journal]