Accomplishments: 6x All-Star
Team(s): Sonics, Cavs, Blazers, Magic
Currently: Restaurant owner 

After a dominating tenure in Seattle, Shawn Kemp had a heartbreakingly pathetic twilight of his career. Like Axl Rose with a 40-inch vertical, Kemp battled weight issues, was twice arrested for drug possession, and became crippled financially through his fathering of (at least) seven children by six different women.

But, lately at least, Kemp's life has taken on a more fulfilling purpose than just being a Pros vs. Joes stand in. He owns a modestly successful restaurant in Seattle. He's become the face of a Sonics return to The Emerald City. And his son, Washington University forward Shawn Kemp Jr., is one of the Pac-12's best off-the-bench talents.