Titus Young might be off his rocker. And, we don't mean that as a joke. In his final days with the Detroit Lions—Young got cut from the team yesterday and was claimed off waivers by the Rams earlier today—the team literally tried to get him some help from a therapist because of all the crazy things that he's said recently, both on Twitter and in conversations with reporters and even his own high school coach.

According to E.C. Robinson, who coached Young back in high school, the former Lions wide receiver approached him on Christmas and told him that—you ready for this?—he thinks he's better than Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson. That's right—better than Megatron! And, he wasn't kidding.

"He did tell me he thought he was just as good as Megatron," Robinson told the Detroit Free Press recently. "I said, 'Come on, man. Who you talking to?' I said, 'Come on, you're as good as that guy? This guy is the real deal.' And, he really believes this. And, he was sincere about it. 'Ah, man, I'm better than him.' I said, 'No, you're not. Be real, man. Come on.' So, I don't know. I'm hoping the best for him."

Us, too. There's a difference between being confident and being crazy. And, we're afraid that Young is veering a little too closely into the "crazy" category right now. Let's hope things turn out better for him in St. Louis.

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[via NFL]