It's been more than seven years since the NBA implemented a strict new mandatory dress code for all players. But, it sounds like the league is still enforcing the dress code today just as hard as they did back in 2005 when they first put it into place.

Last night, injured Bulls center Joakim Noah was escorted off the bench in the middle of the Bulls/Pacers game by NBA security. Why, you ask? Because, rather than rock the blazer/button-up combo that the NBA asks players to wear when they're not taking part in a game but still sitting on the bench, Noah tried to incorporate a sweater into the mix. And, that didn't fly with the league office, who asked Noah to go back to the Bulls locker room and put on something more appropriate (peep the thumbs to see both outfits) before returing to the bench.

Noah laughed it off and did as the NBA asked in order to avoid an inevitable fine. But, wow. The NBA hasn't relaxed at all when it comes to the dress code, have they? Geez.

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[via Beyond the Buzzer]