Trade: Cleveland Cavaliers get Larry Nance, Mike Sanders, and a 1988 1st Round Draft pick (Randolph Keys); Phoenix Suns get Kevin Johnson, Tyrone Corbin, Mark West, a 1988 1st Round Draft pick (Dan Majerle), a 1988 2nd Round Draft pick (Dean Garrett), and a 1989 2nd Round Draft pick (Greg Grant).
Date: 2/25/1988

Trading young for old is always cool. Your team is younger, faster, and more hip. That's what happened to the Phoenix Suns when they acquired Kevin Johnson by trading veteran Larry Nance in a multi-player deal. Phoenix also acquired a draft pick that turned into "Thunder Dan" Majerle. Put those pieces together with Charles Barkley years later and that's how you build a contender. What were you thinking, Cleveland? Maybe a different trade would've helped them beat Michael Jordan.