Trade: Houston Rockets gets Clyde Drexler and Tracy Murray; Portland Trail Blazers get Otis Thorpe, Marcelo Nicola, and a 1995 1st Round Draft pick (Randolph Childress).
Date: 2/14/1995

When you look at today's stars getting traded, the team trading the star has gotten a serious haul. The Knicks traded for Melo and threw the entire kitchen sink at Denver to get him, and when the Nets acquired Deron Williams, it was exactly the same situation. After winning a championship in '94, you would think Houston would have to give up a lot to get Clyde Drexler, but truly they gave up an aging expiring contract in Otis Thorpe along with a late first rounder. Cap space is great and all, but you couldn't get a better player for Clyde? At least Portland gave him that championship he was waiting for.