Years Played: 1989-1998
All Time Stats: 15,269 Rushing Yards, 85 Rushing TDs, 5.0 Yards Per Carry
Accolades: 1997 NFL MVP, 10x Pro Bowler, 6x All-Pro

We all know the story about how during one game after putting some ill moves on an opposing defense for a couple series', the referees checked Barry Sanders' jersey to see if he had a slippery substance that hindered him from being tackled. Well see, the thing about it is, it actually happened! #20 for the Lions was the most elusive back the NFL has ever seen and probably ever will. The only reason Barry Sanders isn't on the tops of any of the record books is because he retired prematurely. Sanders could out-juke an entire defense then run backwards for ten minutes and proceed to juke them all again before he scoring with ease. That's how good he was. Barry's worst season was one where he rushed for 1115 yards in just 11 games. He did this all without much of a team around him too so the defense's knew he would get it, but yet they still couldn't stop him. We'll always wonder where Barry would be if he played two more years, but even without it he's one of the best ever.