Years Played: 2007-Present
All Time Stats8,849 Rushing Yards, 76 TDs, 5.0 Yards Per Carry
Accolades: 5x Pro Bowler, 5x All-Pro, 2012 MVP

AD has only played six seasons with the most recent being one of, if not the, greatest comeback from injury stories ever. He racked up 2,097 yards on the ground, nine shy of the record, post tearing his MCL and ACL one year ago. The kicker? MCL and ACL tears usually take 12 months, he came back in eight, didn't miss a game, and had his best season ever. Is he human? How do you comeback from a severe, at times, career altering knee injury when you play the position that requires leg strength more than any other, and actually play better?

Peterson's been making 300 pound men look like pee wee backups since he got to the Vikings and by the looks of it he's nowhere near done marking his legacy. He possesses the extremely rare combo of electrifying speed, brute strength, reckless abandonment for his body, and an incredible work ethic. Adrian Peterson is what a running back would be if you created him in a lab. Minus the whole hulking up thing when he gets arrested. Clone AP and the Vikings would be the ones hoisting the Lombardi trophy.