High School: Clifton J. Ozen (Beaumont, TX)
Pro Accomplishments
: 1x NBA Champion
Teams: Celtics, Thunder
Career Stats: 6.1 PPG, 6.2 RPG, 1.1 APG, 1.4 BPG

It's hard to forget when Perkins got violated by Blake Griffin (which is affectionately known in some circles as getting "Perkined"). But still, Perkins is a pretty tough dude. He was never really a scorer—as you probably can tell by his stats—but what he lacks offensively he makes up for in his defensive game. Perkins is a reliable post-defender and does the dirty work to help out his team, and thusly, he's still relevant. With a style of play like this, it's cool to let Griffin-type dunks like that happen every now-and-then, right? Well, no, but Perkins still has a ring. Take that, Blake!