While the vast majority of aluminum and composite bat makers have followed the lead of other industries by shipping their manufacturing overseas, DeMarini has chosen to keep its production right here in the U.S. Now in its 25th year of crafting some of the best bats in the business, the company does all of its designing, testing, building, adjusting, and finishing in a little town just outside of Portland.

In its new behind-the-scenes series, The Craft, Dick's Sporting Goods takes you inside the world of baseball equipment manufacturing to witness the intense dedication to quality that is present in some of the industry's most heralded brands. In this episode, DeMarini opens up its facility for the very first time and gives viewers unprecedented access: from the bats' mechanical design, to the effectiveness testing when hitting (i.e. the truly fun part), and down to the meticulous detail of their aesthetic. One thing is for sure: DeMarini's commitment to the craft is strong. Batter up.

For more on DeMarini's unique process, click here and be sure to check out the video above.