This weekend, Dwyane Wade went to the All-Star game for his ninth time. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

But D-Wade doesn't want things to always remain as they are. He has been seeking something different, something better, and so has Li-Ning, which is what led the two to partner on a new project together: the Way of Wade. The collaboration was unveiled at a special event in Houston this weekend, with some special guests on hand, including Common, Queen Latifah, and many others.

D-Wade is clearly a man at the top of his game, but he maintains a humility about his athletic success, his celebrity status, and his life. At the same time, he is perpetually pushing himself forward, never content to rest on his laurels. This combination of modesty and drive is at the core of what the Way of Wade is about. As D-Wade himself says, "I do things differently. I take chances. It's my way."

To get a sneak peak at this weekend's Way of Wade event, check out the video above. And for more on the Way of Wade, please visit