Note to Metta World Peace: If you're gonna film a scene for an independent movie outside your Los Angeles home that includes lots of guns, CALL THE POLICE AND TELL THEM BEFORE YOU DO! Otherwise, you're just asking for trouble.

That's exactly what MWP got the other day when his Artest Media Group shot a scene outside his home for an upcoming independent movie. Although all of the "firearms" that were used were actually just BB guns, several of World Peace's neighbors saw a bunch of guys outside his house holding what appeared to be real guns and called the cops. So, police had to come to the home, drag World Peace out of bed, and have him come outside in Cookie Monster pajamas (WTF?) to explain what was going on.

"At first when I seen the police, I was like, 'What the hell is going on?'" he told the Los Angeles Times. "I just got finished watching Zero Dark Thirty or whatever that movie is. I'm like, 'I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming. Is there a terrorist in the building? Do y'all need my help?'…Like 20 cops' cars are outside, like 10 more police. My brother had his hands behind his back and [there were] helicopters. The whole Wilshire [Blvd.] was shut down. The street shut down. No cars nowhere."

Fortunately, MWP explained that the guys with guns were simply actors and everything turned out fine. For now, at least.

"The scene was great and we're going to use it," he said. "Not that exact scene; we're going to re-shoot it."

Let's just hope he calls the cops first this time around.

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[via Ball Don't Lie]