Manny Pacquiao doesn't like paying the high taxes that he's subjected to when he fights in the United States. It's one of the reasons that he reportedly wants his next fight to take place outside of the country. But, could he also be thinking about taking his highly-anticipated fifth fight against Juan Manuel Marquez to an international destination? Yes, if you believe what his chief advisor Michael Koncz and promoter Bob Arum are saying right now.

According to Koncz and Arum, Pacman is seriously considering taking his fifth (and final?) fight against Marquez out of Las Vegas to a place like China, where he'd be a big draw in the gambling mecca of Macau. And, he's considering it because he would have to pay 39.6 percent of his purse directly to the U.S. government for taxes if he fought in Sin City.

"Manny can go to Las Vegas and make $25 million," Arum said recently, "but how much of it will he end up with—$15 million? If he goes to Macau, perhaps his purse will only be $20 million, but he will get to keep it all, so he will be better off."

Perhaps. But, it would also cost Arum a ton of money in pay-per-view sales if Pacquiao fought outside of the U.S. So, we wouldn't put too much stock into Arum's words just yet. Let's see how Pacquiao's next fight goes and then we'll start worrying.

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[via Yahoo! Sports]