That $100,000 lesson that David Stern taught Kobe Bryant back in 2011 really sunk in.

Less than two years after he was fined a whopping $100K for directing a homophobic slur at a referee in the middle of a game, KB24 was on Twitter last night when a fan jokingly retweeted a message sent to Kobe and wrote "You're gay" on it:

And, Kobe wasted no time pointing out that using the words "You're gay" as a joke is #notcool.

Random? Sure. And, judging by the reaction that @PacSmoove had ("I'm gaining mad followers!"), we're not sure that he actually took Kobe's tweet to heart. But, it's good to see that Kobe is the one teaching others about this particular topic now as opposed to the one receiving the lessons on it. It proves that the $100,000 that he lost back in 2011 may have been some of the best money that he ever spent.

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[via Reddit]