Kobe Bryant is back at it again! With the Lakers in Boston to play the Celtics tonight, KB24 sat down with ESPN Boston for a long interview earlier this week to talk about, well, everything, much like he did last month in another ESPN Q&A. We'd recommend that you check out the whole thing over here.

Our favorite part of the interview came when ESPN Boston's Jackie MacMullan asked Kobe about his love for trash talking and the response he gets from other players out on the court. And, curiously, Kobe mentioned that, while guys like Paul Pierce still go at him every now and then, younger players like LeBron James aren't quite as skilled at the art of trash talking.

"If there's one Celtic that tries to talk smack to me, it will be Paul," he said. "We're similar in age, have been through some of the same things, so he feels like he can try. But, he's not as good at it as I am. I don't talk trash often, but when I do, I go for the jugular…[Young players] don't seem to want to talk about trash. I say everything to LeBron. He says nothing back. He just laughs. There's no banter back and forth. I guess it's a generational thing. When I first came into the league, the trash talk was downright cutthroat."

Wait a second: Did Kobe just trash talk other players during an interview? Yeah, he did. He's still the king. Keep the amazing quotes coming, Kob'.

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[via SLAM]