As consummate car people, we spend a lot of time naively thinking about what we would do if, instead of publicly drooling over cars while making clever comments about them, we were actually in charge of the design process. We might not be educated in transportation design or business management (or even journalism for some of us... including your author) but we sure as hell know cars.

Watching Saab repeatedly get hit over the head with a shovel by GM just as it started to crawl out of its shallow grave was painful to watch. Between the very nice new 9-5 and that tantalizing image of the 9-3 to be, we were excited for Saab's future, and what it might hold. Sadly, the place where the Saab name ended up has nothing to do with what anybody really wants for the company. In the future, Saab will be the name of an electric car from China. If we had been able to buy Saab, we think we cold have done much better.

This is our totally uneducated, fantastical, and probably impractical plan for the company.