It's no secret that Chevrolet's new V8, RWD sedan, the SS, is going to be based on the Holden Commodore, just like the Caprice police car and the Pontiac G8 before it. This has everybody excited to see the final product when it's unveiled at the Daytona 500 in February. 

While we don't know what engine is going to be under the hood yet, Mark Reuss, President of GM, described the car as a "four door Corvette." 

We do know that the new Commodore will feature a massively upgraded interior that includes a large MyLink navigation screen, window switches moved to the doors (how exciting!), blind spot assistance, lane-departure warning, a collision warning system, an electronic parking brake (we'd rather have a traditional one that can be used to hoon), and a high resolution heads-up display.

We'd be surprised if all of that wasn't included on the SS.

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[via Holden