There's too many times that you hear about these great athletes who have their careers fall apart because personal problems, and one such problem is alcoholism. Former All-Star forward Vin Baker is one such athlete. Dude was a beast back in the day, but somewhere down the line his recreational drinking turned turned into a full-blown addiction and turned his career into a mess. Couple that with the fact he blew away his millions of dollars and lost his mansion at Connecticut, and you have yourself another casualty of a star.

He was on a slump until recently. According to a Daily News feature, Baker has been clean from alcohol for two years and now spends his days preaching, following in his father's footsteps. Since May, the former star forward has served as a youth minister at the Abyssinian Church in Harlem.

Also, Baker's studying to get a Master’s degree in divinity at Manhattan's Union Theological Seminary in order to become a pastor. The article also has him reflecting on why he fell so far into alcoholism in the first place:

“Too much time, too much money, not focused,” he says in his small office inside the Abyssinian Church. He’d always been a player who starved for attention, beginning at the University of Hartford, when he was the “small kid from the small town from the small college trying to be amongst the best,” he says.

Baker now lives "in a sparse but pleasant two-bedroom dorm at Union" and still isn't making the millions he used to make, but that's not the point. It's always good to see someone who's lost so much finally attempt to take control of his life.

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[via New York Daily News]