There's always one that got away. Whether it's the chick that you never got the courage to ask for a dance, a car that you hesitated buying that got snatched up, or a Dorito that you accidentally dropped and stepped on when you had the munchies, we've all been there. We're here to ask you about issues related to the second example.

Cars, unfortunately, can escape us in a variety of ways. My father, for example, had a '68 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396. He's had a plethora of cars, and could take apart and put all of them back together, but the Chevelle is the machine he'll forever mourn. He sold it, because he couldn't afford to be driving a car that was gulping gas faster than we were chugging Hawaiin Punch after tee ball games. At a time when gas skyrocketed to $0.50 per gallon, 5 mpgs city and 8 mpgs highway was just too much. *Moment of silence*. 

So, today, in addition to honoring the late Chevelle, we'd like to ask you what cars have gotten away from you. What car did you almost buy, then not, then wish you did? Which car did you have to sell, when you were moving away? Which car did you have to sell because you had a kid? Which car were you going to buy but couldn't afford because you blew $2,000 on strippers and and craps the night before? You tell us in the comment section below, on Twitter or on Facebook, and we'll dream together about what could have been.