It's been a few years now since BMW has offered a diesel 3-Series in the USA. We don't know why people didn't buy the MY 2009-2011 335d, but they didn't and it got the can. The engine made a healthy 265 hp, an amazing 425 lb-ft or torque, and returned 36 mpg. As a country, our anti-diesel prejudice sent this amazing vehicle away, and we are worse off for it.

Luckily, BMW is at least going to give us another shot at the oil-burning game, but this time with a smaller, four-cylinder diesel engine that is tuned almost entirely for fuel economy. It will probably sell better, but we'll stil miss not really having to compromise on anything with the 335d.

Looks for full specs to be released at the New York Auto Show at the end of March.

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[via Left Lane News