Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim pulled a Russell Westbrook last night. After ESPN reporter Andy Katz attempted to ask him a question about the Syracuse/UConn rivalry that's coming to an end this season, Boeheim called Katz an "idiot," referred to him as "disloyal," and then refused to take any of his questions. Why? Well, the theories are rampant right now. Some believe Katz filed a report about 'Cuse forward James Southerland recently that was based on info that was supposed to be "off the record," while others think it has to do with some of Katz's reporting on the Bernie Fine situation last year. But, regardless, it's clear Boeheim has a bone to pick with Katz right now. And, until the air is cleared, he apparently won't be speaking with the ESPN reporter.

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[via Citrus TV]