Source: The Walking Dead (2010-present)

Why We Need It: Daryl rides Merle's chopper because it reminds him of his brother, and of where he came from. It may not be the most practical vehicle in terms of parts availability (or even reliability -- unless Merle got all the kinks worked out before the zombie apocalypse on the show happened), but it definitely has some advantages. Its small size means it can go places other bigger vehicles can't. In at least one S2 episode, there were visible knobby tires slapped on this thing. It also would use less fuel than a lot of larger vehicles -- even if that little peanut tank doesn't hold much. But mostly, what we like about it is its defiance. By riding it, Daryl is holding on to the last vestiges of his humanity, of what makes him who he is. To us, that looks an awful lot like hope for a zombie-free future. We can get behind that.